Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I think I popped

I'm finally in the world where everyone with eyes can tell I'm expecting. You know, I still find it weird that I am walking around growing a human. On a daily basis I often feel as if I'm part of someones funny science experiment, only I'm not the one laughing. Carrying a baby is very interesting. And odd. Almost surreal. And why do I want to eat a whole cake?

So, a few weeks ago we were at the mall (hardly ever happens--our mall has like 6 stores and is super small and my husband hates shopping) and I saw this totoro shirt in hot topic. I wanted it like woah. Like please husband I need this shirt in my life. Only it was a size L (I am usually an XL in hot topic preteen sizing) and it obviously wasn't made for someone in my...delicate...condition. But I told him I would wear it. I could wear it. I would make it work. Somehow. Just please buy it for me.

And thus, I did. Or he did. I think he was skeptical but either hot topic's sizing has changed or the shirt is just a lot more stretchy then it used to be. And who cares if it looks like I've swallowed an entire watermelon crop? I'm wearing a shirt with my favorite studio ghibli character on it and I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, I posted a picture of me wearing it on instagram and subsequently to Facebook and someone told me I looked like I'm due next week.  I still have four months left, lets not get hasty here. I haven't even bought anything to clothe this kid in, much less wipe his nose with. Our baby shower is next month and I already have an amazon wish list that could feed, clothe and pamper six babies, not just the one that I'm currently growing.

I honestly haven't decided what to buy yet. I'm hoping that it will just come to me in the night like my cravings for cake and ice cream and anything with gluten in the ingredient list do. All the things I never ever ever eat or crave ever... Now I can't stop thinking about cake with more cake on top and icing on top of that and drooling all over myself. Help. Please send cake. Or at least something resembling cake.

How are you guys doing? It's warming up here, we are trying to finish preparing the house so we can start preparing for the baby, and I'm making to-do lists longer then my arm and I think my husband is tired of me informing him of how far behind we are at getting everything ready. And he keeps reminding me we don't need to make college plans or worry about where to park our kids new car yet. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Just a little.

At least we have a name now. Sort of. My choice is Corbin Alexander, and my husband's choice was Reuben Alexander. At least we agree on the middle name. Any suggestions would be most helpful.


Brita Long said...

I'm biased due to my love for my second cousin (Corey, for Corbin) and my love for you, but I vote for Corbin Alexander!

Rachel G said...

Agreeing on a middle name is a step in the right direction! You SO do not look like you're due next week, whoever says that doesn't look at pregnant people often??

Chelsea Head said...

Love Corbin. It's the name I had picked out for my baby I lost. It just didn't feel right using the name with my second born. And I love Corbin Alexander together!!

Carolynn said...

Aww, I'm so sorry! I know how hard that must feel... I had a name for one of my miscarriages (a girls name) and I can't imagine using it again. Hugs :)

Carolynn said...

Mmmmmhh, sandwiches.... *hungry now* :P

Carolynn said...

no idea! maybe its because I went from hardly showing to suddenly very preggers in like a week? I totally just popped one day :P

Jane Eyre said...

I vote Reuben :D