Monday, April 27, 2015

The Third Trimester

Well, I hit the third trimester two weeks ago. So far it hasn't really been that different then the second. But some things have been...interesting.

For example, last week I peed on myself. Before you get all grossed out, it wasn't that bad. I'd been sitting down filming for about 2 hours (a crochet tutorial) when I realized that I hadn't peed recently, and I'd been drinking a ton of water from my glass bottle. I stood up and suddenly knew that I had to Like right now. My bathroom is only 2 seconds (like 10 steps) away from me. I ran, but still manged to pee a bit on myself. Sigh. It wasn't my finest moment. I don't even know why I am telling the internet about it. I suppose because it is new. I hope it never happens again. I have a feeling it will through--just from reading and hearing about other people's third trimester experiences...

Rolling over in bed has taken on new meaning to me. And to my husband. Poor husband. Not only am I growing a planet, I also feel 0% interested in snuggling. My husband's love language is pretty much...snuggling. That, and bacon, and please-do-not-knit while watching TV. He's been a good sport snuggling with my back while I complain about how...planetary I feel.

I can't put on socks very well. At least not standing up. I miss doing things standing up.

Anyway, this baby is growing, and most of his time is spent being very interested in the sides of my uterus of late. I am very interested in cake, and I don't know if those two things correlate, but I'm sure they do somehow. I have now gained 20 pounds at this point. It's not "a lot" but it sure feels that way. I have kept up (mostly) with walking and doing Pilates, but I have stopped swimming because my husband has been working long hours (that's my excuse at least). We pool in the evening, so I of course don't go without him.

bending is hard too
Also, I finally bought a bunch of things for the baby. I am really excited about using them, and less excited about washing them. Priorities.

Right now my only wish is that I could strap the exercise ball to my butt because it's amazing and I must sit on it all the time.

Oh--one more thing. My boobs shrunk.Yes, you heard me. They shrunk. I have no idea why, or if this is bad, or if they will grow again or what is going on, but I'm wearing a D cup and it's big on me. Three weeks ago I was having a hard time with my 36DD and there was spillage everywhere.  This is nice, on one hand, because a lot more of my clothing fits better-- but it's weird. I just got used to them and they decided to go away. I guess they got all ready and realized there was three more months so they better wait it out like the rest of us? Maybe they are taking a breather? Boobs, please come back. I will need you soon.


Kristin said...

Pregnancy sounds...interesting? Ha. :)

Carolynn said...

oh it is. hehehee <_< *runs away*