Monday, April 13, 2015

Maternity Sewing

I tired of wearing the same thing over and over again, so I made this shirt! The fabric is from this cute little etsy shop called Indeed Fabrics (and yeah they do indeed carry fabric, hah). I also bought another print to make another shirt in, and a print to make a skirt in. They have really cute jersey (stretchy) fabric in their shop for what I think is a reasonable price.

To make the shirt, I just used a maternity shirt I already owned as a guide. I made two mistakes, the collar is a little off and one of the sleeves is slightly shorter then the other. But you don't notice any of these things when I'm wearing the shirt, so I don't mind. I think it's cool that I actually made a garment that I can put on my body while pregnant. Usually I fail when sewing and create a mess of fabric, strings, and tears that while resembling a shirt, does not adherer correctly to my body. (maybe I'm learning now???)

My little boy is just over halfway and he keeps requesting more room. He's a freeloader, and I need to start charging him rent. If only he weren't so cuddly. I just melt when I feel him cuddling up to me, even when he seems to favor my bladder.

A funny thing about pregnancy, at this stage. I can be fine one second and then suddenly be overcome with the emergency need to find a bathroom and empty my bladder. There isn't like a gradual fillage here anymore. It can literally go from "oh, I don't need a bathroom, lets go to Target" to "I need a toilet right now if you value your car seat". I asked my doctor about it, but they say it's normal. I guess little man suddenly finds my bladder quite interesting and decides it needs to be squashed and/or inspected in some fashion. I shall keep him far away from my delicate bits when he comes out, that is for sure. He's had enough time acquainting himself with my various organs as it is.

I'm going to be making a maternity skirt soon--and I'm really excited! The print I bought for the skirt is all sorts of black and yellow triangles on a mint background. Super fun skirt pattern.

Have a good day, guys. And may you pee less then me.


Breenah said...

You did a great job on the shirt and I LOVE the color.

Kristin said...

It looks awesome! That shop does have cute fabric. I love sewing t-shirts. Sometimes they're a bit trickier because my machine always want to suck knit fabric down under the needle plate, but the end result is just so comfy. I don't think I've sewn a single woven shirt since I started sewing t-shirts, ha! :)

Katy A said...

How wonderful!!! I love that you are making these things! :) It looks great and you have a wonderful baby belly! Thank you for your always encouraging and kind comments on my blog....I truly appreciate them! I think your name is beautiful, by the way! :D