Friday, April 10, 2015

Paleo Chef Book Review

So when blogging for books offered The Paleo Chef for review I squealed! My husband and I try to be Paleo. Both our bodies work really well with the diet, and new recipes sounded great!

I flipped through the book and chose two recipes to make: the raw cauliflower tabbula on page 50, and his meatballs that are on page 147. 

I loved his raw cauliflower tabbouleh. I had to make two adjustments to the recipe: first of all, it calls for ground sumac, and I don't know what that is. Is that poison sumac, like the kind that breaks you out?! I even asked at the store, no one knew what it was! So I left it out. Also, I didn't have any fresh parsley or mint, so I just used dry herbs. It still came out fresh and amazing! I love the spicy taste of the cumin and all the vegetables. Noms!

And everyone (well, unless you are vegetarian or vegan, I suppose) loves meatballs. They were very very good as well. I can totally see myself incorporating his paleo recipes into everyday cooking--and I definitely see myself using this book for holiday paleo cooking as well. All the recipes are very well explained, there are pictures of everything and I didn't feel like it was over my head, although I would call most of his meals gourmet, and not every day food.

Thank you blogging for books for offering books for free for blog reviews! Love it! If you are interested, you can check out The Paleo Chef on amazon.


Breenah said...

You probably won't be able to find sumac at your regular grocery store. It'll probably be at a Middle Eastern grocer, if you have one near you. Or you can get it on Amazon if it's something you really want to try.

Carolynn said...

hehe, I just thought it was poisonous! :P

Breenah said...

That did make me giggle.