Friday, April 24, 2015

Maternity Skirt

I bought this fun triangle fabric to make a maternity skirt in, and as you can see I did. Only, I can't figure out how to make the seam where I sewed the gathered skirt to the waistband from oddly poking out due to the bulkiness of the gathered fabric. How do I make it lie flat? It is a mystery. But I can still wear this skirt just fine, it's just...a little odd looking in the waist area and I was quite disappointed that it wasn't perfect. I think I may have gathered it too much, or perhaps I need a serger to serge the seam flat. (anyone know?) Anyway, this skirt is awesome regardless, so I'm happy.

I really like the fun print. Working with jersey fabric is a bit more forgiving then with traditional cotton, I think. I did film a tutorial that you can see below on how I made this, if you are interested. It was fun to film, I really love making videos. And skirts. And things with yarn.

Click here to see the video on my youtube channel, or press play below. Happy sewing!

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Kristin said...

Your skirt turned out so cute! I love that fabric.