Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why I Quit Etsy

I decided to close my Etsy shop two weeks ago. It's half because I'm having a baby and won't have time to ship things--and it's half because Etsy's new policies. Since their big switch in January, I have personally found them very small business unfriendly. But that's besides the point. Etsy can do what they want with their business, but their new rules have caused a lot of grief in the micro-business sphere.

I first thought of closing my shop because selling locally worked out really well for me. In 5 months of selling through last fall and winter--I sold almost everything! This, as you can imagine, felt great. I definitely will be selling locally next fall for sure.

Maybe one day I'll reopen my Etsy shop. Right now I am fine selling my patterns on Raverly and selling my handmade goods in my own town.

And I am sad to leave. I mean, running an Etsy shop was one of my dreams, and also the main reason I started my blog. It's funny when things run their course and new desires, like selling my stuff locally, appear and take up all my time!


Charlotte Wood said...

I quit Etsy because no one bought anything from me. :) But I managed to give away my stuff and it makes me happy that my art is on walls in a few homes.

Rachel G said...

Some passions and dreams are only for a season, that's for sure! I'm glad that selling locally worked out so well for you! It would be hard to keep up knitting and crocheting if you had no outlet for your goods!