Friday, April 17, 2015

Dear Public Knitter...

Dear Public Knitter, whose name I don’t know, thank you. Thank you for taking time to explain to a wiggly ten-year-old what you were making. I still remember, to this day--the first time I saw someone knitting. So, thank you for showing me your yarn, letting me touch and feel the texture. Even through I didn’t get to learn how to knit then, you planted that seed.

Dear Public Knitter, thank you. I saw you on the bus when I was nineteen, and I can’t even remember what you were making. Something for a child. You laughed when I said I could never do that. You told me it was easy. You told me that anyone can do it, if they just try. And keep trying. And for the first time I had hope. Perhaps I, too, could create something that amazing with a ball of yarn and my own two hands. Perhaps.

So I bought yarn. And I tried. and tried. And four (ish?) years later I know now you are right, because the yarn is my friend and never shall we part again.

Dear Public Crocheter, sitting in the social security office, when I was rather grouchily waiting for my number to be called, thank you for talking to me. I know you were knitting at first, but the evil anti-sock security guard told you that the needles were too sharp so you switched to crochet. I know you saw me watching. And we talked. I told you that I could knit, and had been for a few years. You told me to learn crochet also. And then you showed me stitches. I wish I had gotten your name. You were so nice. If I knew you now I would tell you I can crochet as well, and just as fine as knitting. And that actually I like it better. I bet you would laugh at that, because of the confused faces I made then as you tried to explain what a chain was.

Dear public knitters, and crocheters everywhere…don’t stop. You never know who you might impact next.

Knitting has changed my life and I have you to thank for it.


Breenah said...

I like this post a lot, as well as the picture of you slightly tangled up in yarn :)

Carolynn said...


Kristin said...

I don't remember ever seeing anyone knitting in public before I started knitting. I'm sure I encountered someone knitting at some point, but I guess I just don't remember! And now that I think of it, even since I've been knitting, the only time I've seen people knitting in public is either at yarn shops or craft festivals. I guess there just aren't as many knitters in my area?
I knit in public sometimes, usually at the farmer's market during the summer when my family's vending there (during the slow times it's nice to have something to do!) or when I'm waiting somewhere. At first I felt self-conscious about it, but now since I knit so often I don't really even think about it. Unless someone asks me what I'm making (or whether it's knitting or crochet, ha!).
P.S. See you tomorrow! :)