Monday, March 30, 2015

Boy Obsessed

There are things you need for babies. Like diapers, clothes, blankets, a warm place to sleep...and then there are things you don't need for babies, but want.

Since I'm having a baby in four months, I have not been able to stop looking at cute little adorable baby items. It's a new interest for me. Trust me: my mom used to try and drag me to second hand baby stores to shop for my sister's two children and after five minutes I would start complaining of boredom.

wall print // fox shoes // leggings

But now I just can't wait to dress/feed/swathe/entertain my baby with a cute assortment of age-appropriate items. Even through my husband and I have not yet bought a single thing, my amazon wish list and etsy favorites are overflowing with potential buys.

wrap // whale print // fox blanket
I seem to have an obsession with whales and foxes and hedgehogs. Also, thanks to all the shops that gave me permission to post pictures of their items here! The items are also linked below each picture.

I wonder what stuff I will eventually buy? A lot of what I need, of course, and I'm sure a few pleasure items as well.

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