Friday, May 2, 2014

My Hipster Little Mermaid

If I had to pick a favorite Disney film, it would be without question The Little Mermaid. I used to pretend play mermaids with my sister when swimming, dreaming we were diving for sunken human treasure.

I've seen the "hipster Ariel" cosplay around a few times on the web, and I knew without a doubt I wanted to do my own! I bought my wig from the etsy shop Girlshowhair. Just to let you know, over my very thick hair and my over-sized 59 centimeter skull, it was not a pleasant wear. I cut short the photoshoot because the wig was very effectively cutting off my circulation. If you have a smaller skull, and are looking to buy from this shop, this wig should work fine.

So what would Ariel look like in human form, if she wasn't a Disney animation? Maybe something like this, if she wore green pants or purple dress and decided to hang out at a local park. While I was dressed up and in character I thought of several good ideas for my costume! Wouldn't it be awesome do to a vlog-type show about the hipster princesses (think Diary of Lizzie Bennet-ish) chronicling their love life and experiences? I'd call it "Under the Sea" and it would be about a teen Ariel who lived in a very strict home and desperately wants to go visit and live in the city. Sadly I think the characters are owned by Disney and I don't want to be sued! If I did film this it I'd have to be careful to base it off the original fairy tale and not the Disney adaptation.

Anyway, I enjoyed my time as Hipster Ariel. I think next time, perhaps she will go out and get coffee like a real hipster!

What Disney princess would you dress up as?

Pants: H&M (mens section) 
Dress: Target, hand dyed by myself
Cardigan: Salvaged (local consignment shop)
Wig: GirlsShowHair


Tori Bragg said...

I just love this :) and P.S. if you ever want to start a vlog show, I will join you!

Rachel G said...

Those are like, all my favorite colors in one outfit. I don't know what princess I would want to dress up as...either Belle, mostly because she has brown hair like me...or Jasmine...

MorganCMiller said...

your so cute i love those colors

Kristin said...

That's awesome. The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney films as a kid. But now...I would dress up as Belle. We both have brown hair and love books, and my favorite color is yellow (though I don't necessarily know if it's a good color for me to wear).

Angela said...

You're so fun - LOVE IT! Have a wonderful weekend :)

Charlotte said...

This is a GREAT hipster Ariel! You got it, spot on.

I think I'd dress up as Mulan. She'd have a pretty rocking hipster wardrobe.

Breenah said...

So cute!