Monday, May 5, 2014


Last weekend Mr. Adventure and I went camping! I knew it was going to be chilly--usually where we camp it is about 10-15 degrees colder then where we live.

And it was cold. I slept in a long sleeve shirt with a hoodie over it, and I also put a pair of heavy sweat pants over my leggings. I left my hat and cowl on and bundled up in my sleeping bag and another 100% wool blanket. Burrr.

I brought my camera along and made a time lapse video, if you are interested in seeing a few shots from our trip! I think we will wait a few weeks until it warms up before we go again. But boy, was it fun, hanging out over a fire and enjoying nature. Oh, and if you are wondering the other guy in the picture is my husband's mentor and best friend Mike. He usually accompanies us on camping adventures. 

Dress: Goodwill
Hat and Leggings: Walmart
Cowl: Gifted

How was your weekend?


Rachel G said...

When I was a kid my family went camping at Yellowstone in July--and it got below freezing during the night. We were frozen!! Maybe that's why I don't like camping...

Deanna Fike said...

haha. reminds me of when we went camping in the 30 degree weather. the kids never complained but it was SO COLD.

Angela said...

The hubby and I are going camping this weekend, and you've inspired me to video!