Thursday, May 22, 2014

Road Trip

I recently went on a road trip! My husband and I wanted to visit his grandmother--she is in her 90s and still very active! We went hiking while there, also visited her church and met a ton of relatives!

She does not know what the internet is, so out of respect for her I won't be posting a picture of her actual face on my blog, since I didn't ask/explain about it.

We also met Michelle on our way up to visit! MICHELLE IS AMAZING CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU? Except she's married. And so am I. Sad days. Maybe in another life?

epic pictures of epicness
On our way back from visiting the grandmother, I met Rachel and her husband Angel. Rachel is so sweet, and it was great fun visiting and talking about different countries with her. She's moving to China soon to teach English, so I wanted to see her once before she left!

All in all this was an epic, amazing trip. I ate to much fast food and bought to many books, and met two of my favorite bloggers! Here are some highlights:

at a shopping mall. what is this? and why is it $30?
beach kisses
exploring downtown Columbus
water + Rachel
Michelle showed me the MOST awesome bookstore ever
obligatory husband photo
Anyway, upon our arrival home Brian tried to wash all the pollen and dust off his car (using an outside spigot) and a pipe burst under our cabinets. You can't really see it because we were in panic mode and I didn't take picture until most of it was clean, but yeah. You get the idea. My kitchen is a hot mess right now.

How was your week? Mine was so awesome. Minus the leakage, of course!


Deanna Fike said...

that's so exciting that you got to meet rachel and michelle. i was scrolling down, thinking 'oohh! i *know* them!'

Angela said...

so fun! you girls make me really wanna start a blog!

Rachel G said...

Glad you guys could come and have some adventures along the way!! But that's no fun about the pipe bursting! Oh no!

PopChampagne said...

wow 90 and still hiking. that is awesome! and haha looks like you and your husband had a great day and all! yeah I don't understand why that dress is $30 either, lol. I wonder who would buy it...

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Your road trip looks like so much fun! That's cool that you got the chance to meet some of your favorite bloggers. I would love to meet up with mine, but we all live in different countries.