Monday, May 26, 2014

Kawaii Skirt

My sewing machine is fixed! YAY! I hope to began sewing and reconstructing clothes again! Except, I need a table. I totally made this shirt sitting on my floor. And now my back hurts. The table that my sewing machine was on now has a computer on it...for editing my YouTube videos.

I made this skirt with fabric I already had. I was going for a lolita feel with the busy print, bows, and lace. The fabric is stretchy so I didn't even have to install a zipper! My mom actually gave me the lace she found at goodwill.

I'm beyond thrilled to have a working sewing machine again. Because, of course, I didn't have enough hobbies to began with.

 What should I sew next?


Rachel G said...

:) A working sewing machine is a very happy thing!

Elina Wagner said...

You made the skirt yourself? Wow, you're so talented! I could never do such a thing. Actually, I tried it once and I failed miserably. :,)