Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Reasons I went Makeup Free on my Wedding

I went completely makeup free for my wedding. Here are some reasons why! 

  • Tears. I did cry during my vows, and didn't have to worry a bit about my face. If you cry at your wedding, you don't have to worry about messing up your makeup!

  • I was able to schedule less time to get ready for the big day! This really helped ease my stress, since B and I married at 10am.
  • No makeup smudges on my dress, hair or other accessories.
  • When the groom romantically carried me into the wedding chamber, I didn't need to run to the bathroom to remove anything from my face. I stayed in bed all night, and had a wonderful fresh face the next morning instead of any icky day-old makeup!

  • I didn't have to carry around any touch-up makeup in a bag or purse. Less to hold on to throughout the day, (or less for my maid of honor to carry, actually). 
  • Easy packing. Forget makeup? Who cares, I don't wear it anyway! Just one less thing to remember.

What about you? Would you ever go makeup free for a wedding or other special event? I'm basically makeup free 24/7, so it was an easy choice for me!


Rachel G said...

I didn't wear mascara for my wedding, just in case of tears...but I didn't end up crying. Almost, but no. Angel didn't cry either. Apparently we weren't terribly emotional?? haha! Even if you do wear makeup, it doesn't have to be an ordeal. I never even thought about it before, but I didn't bring makeup along for touch ups throughout the day, and it took me about 5 minutes in the morning for lipstick, eyeliner, and powder. My HAIR took much longer than 5 minutes, probably a good half hour, because my MIL meticulously curled it, and I thought I'd have to shower that night to wash the hairspray out of my hair but I didn't. We stayed up and opened all of our wedding presents on our wedding night because we are weird, I guess? But I have such good memories of reading all the cards together on the living room floor because we didn't have any chairs or a couch...

10 am is an early wedding!! If I remember right, ours was at 2 and the reception was at 3--we were out of there and headed home by 6:30-7 because it was a two hour drive from my grandparents' church to the house where we've lived ever since that day!

Sharon said...

I usually only wear a little powder foundation, so my maid of honor did my makeup and gave me a really natural look, which I loved. Pretty sure we skipped the mascara though. I'm a weeper!

Ang said...

I had to touch up my make-up all day ........................ grrrrr! Wish I knew then, what I know now (:

Cliff Coates said...

If you think 10 o'clock is an early wedding, you should have seen my reaction when I realized the invitation said the wedding would start at 8:30 AM. Fortunately, Kitty Ears and Mr. Adventure delayed their wedding and later told all of us to arrive after 9, but it is still the earliest wedding I've ever attended! :)

Kimi said...

If you hire a quality makeup artist all of these reasons are non issues. Now if you didn't wear it because you didn't WANT to then that's awesome! A trend of women looking at hot mess on their big day (which is only once in your lifetime a anyway) is not something I want to see in the future. Other than your husband what is left from your wedding fifty years from now? Pictures! Hire someone talented and skilled and you will look both gorgeous and makeup free.