Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tie Dye and a Bust Fix

I haven't dyed anything in almost a month! I'm not buying Rit dye anymore, but last week I found three bottles on my shelf and decided to give it another go just to deplete my stock. (I now use Dharma Trading Dye, and I'll do a post about that soon)
Anyway, I found this super cute stonewashed denim dress from Target, on clearance for $8. It was a size 14, and definitely too big in the bust, but I knew I could take it in. The ultra light-blue color didn't really compliment my skin at all, and I really didn't like how you could barely see the cute embroidered design! So, I got out my last bottle of burgundy red RIT dye and dyed it.

Well, the color stuck all right, and it's beautiful; but it turned out purple. I am convinced that the makers of RIT dye must be really lax in either their labeling or they must not be watching their dye concoction at all. Maybe they'll just like, this one looks red, right? Perhaps its a huge running joke among the employees that people buy their dye that really is only one color with different labels all over it. My blue always turns purple too, and earlier when I googled this it seems lots of people have that problem. Either way, I'm still happy. I like purple, and I went in with no expectations.
The bust is still to big--it was really hard to get a picture showing you how the bust is falling off me, with out revealing myself all over the internet. The extra fabric that I'm pulling to the right just makes the top hang if I let go.And yes, in that picture I am wearing the dress fully zipped up, and still the the top is about four inches too big. Now, usually I'd just take in the sides--but this dress has a side zipper, so I can't do that.
What I did is add two strips of black elastic on the back, to pull it tight. It's still a tiny bit big on top, but nowhere near as loose as before.
Anyway, I love my new dress! The white design part didn't dye, of course, because they used polyester thread, so it shows up really well. I love it! And I can't wait to wear this to church on Sunday!
Have you ever dyed anything? Let me know, and give me some pointers! 


Deanna Fike said...

it looks great! and that color looks awesome on your skin tone.

Charlotte Paris Wood said...

I love how the color turned out on you! I think that any time you dye something that is not white, it isn't going to end up the advertised color. I've only used dye on old stuff that I didn't mind getting messed up. So I like how RIT dye is cheap. Did you see my dye fail?

_emmaread_ said...

Oh, wow!! That dress is really super cute! It looks great on you too. You really make me wish I could sew. I also found an awesome dress on sale but it's too big...probably gonna have to pay someone a lot to alter it. The fabric is weird too, so I'm sure that won't help...

Carolynn said...

Thank you! If you want I'll gladly send you a free copy of my how to sewing book if you want to learn! I I hate paying for alterations :) I've only done them for myself. I think doing it for someone else would be hard but maybe one day ill learn that too :) Whatd your email? Mine is if you want a copy of my book or to chat just email me!