Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Wears

Okay, it's been oddly warm here lately. Like, 60 degrees. Whats up, weather? I know my state isn't the only place to do this on occasion, but it's super weird.

Here is an outfit I wore on Christmas Eve last week! Because of the weird weather and the "hot flashes," I've been wearing layers and leaving my coat a home when we go out. I also think its so interesting how much red is still in my hair from way back (two years ago) when I dyed it with henna. They obviously were not kidding on that "permanent" label.

So, my clothes. Well, I found this "boyfriend" sweater at Goodwill, as well as the pants and the classic button down I'm wearing underneath my cardigan. All at different times, of course. But they all go so great together, and I love this whole look. It's cozy and very warm. 

The day before I took these pictures I tee-shirt curled my hair. It was way bouncy and fun! My husband took me out to Olive Garden for part of my Christmas gift and it was a wonderful evening of expensive entrees and cheesecake and wine...anyway, the next day my hair looked like this!

Hope you all had a great holiday!

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