Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY: Lace Peter Pan Collar

The other day I was watching youtube videos, mostly about beauty and hair and shampoo and stuff. Well, one girl in particular really caught my eye, so I watched a few more of her videos and saw she was wearing a lace necklace in one of her hauls that made her shirt look like it had a white collar on it. I thought it was really beautiful! I tried to contact her through her blog that she runs with another beauty friend, because I really wanted to find out where she bought it or if she'd made it, but of course, she receives hundreds, if not thousands, of views a day and many many comments, so I don't think she ever saw my query.

So I just decided to make my own lace necklace! Here is what I did.

Step 1: Find doilies. Not big ones, small ones work better. Make sure they are not bigger then your palm. Also, find a necklace (or make one with jump rings and hooks) that you will use for this project.

Step 2: Cut your doily in half. Now lay the two pieces side by side and lay your necklace on top, making sure to center the tips of your doily pieces so it lays correctly.

Step 3: Put a thick line of glue (NOT Elmers glue, I used tacky glue) on top of your necklace. Now fold over the cut lines of your doilies. Push them down. Now put more glue until its a sort of sticky mess. Don't worry, glue dries clear. Smooth the glue out with your finger until the edge lays downward, the necklace in the center.

Step 4: Let dry, and wear! I've been wearing mine everywhere and they have not shown any signs of falling apart. This glue holds.

Naturally I made three necklaces. It's super easy and I love how it makes my outfits pop!

So, in other news next week I'm making a huge announcement. One that I'm just dying, dying to spill the beans on now. Only one friend of mine knows about it! But mums the words until I get the whole thing hashed out. I'm SO EXITED! I hope you are too! Ahhhhhhh!!


Susannah said...

Wow, those turned out really cute!!! What an awesome idea! :-)

Paulina Dombrowski said...

I really love this. Now I need to go find some doilies

Emorie Kidder said...

I've seen collar necklaces like this before; I love seeing how easy they are to create! Just darling.