Monday, December 30, 2013

Lies I Believe

  • Clothes will makes me happy.
  • There must be something wrong with me if people don't like me.
  • Growing older means I'll always be ugly.
  • God is far away.
  • My thighs are huge.
  • My husband needs to turn the light off in the bedroom every morning when he leaves for work so I don't have to get out of bed to fix it or I should assume he no longer loves me.
  • Reading the bible is annoying, and unnecessary for growing in God.
  • I'm a failure if I watch anime all day. Even if its only one day a month. 
  • Taking a break means I'm admitting defeat.
  • It's my husband's fault if he has to work late and I should let him know how much it annoys me.
  • I need more yarn.
  • My life will always be lacking if I never have children.
  • I'll never be good enough. Beautiful enough. I'll never have enough.
These lies have defined my life. Some for just a few months, some for years. Rather serious or trivial, all are wrong.

This season I plan on breaking these habits and moving beyond my selfish reasoning and me-me-me attitude. I hope that in 2014 I can become more like Christ. I hope in 2014 I can help others and find joy.


Kristin said...

There are too many lies that I believe, as well...some the same as yours, and some different. I'd like to stop believing mine and break some bad habits in the new year, too.

Sybil @ Peace it all Together said...

The first step is recognizing that these are lies. Good for you for attempting to tackle them head-on. I'm still working on doing that.

Joanna said...

I was checking off your lies as some of my own as I read through this. Ugh, such terrible lies and thieves of joys these words are… I think it's wonderful that you have this awareness and you'd like to become more Christ-like in the upcoming year, but I hope you can also rest in the grace and promise that even if you are still battling these lies next year or the year after, you are still fully loved and accepted by Christ! He literally did it all and ended it on the cross for us so we would not have to earn favor, because he knew we couldn't- I cling to that because sometimes I feel like I'll never be different/better/more XYZ.

Addie Gecas said...

Love love love this post! I'm with you, battling to take my focus off of myself for 2014, and to stop being so selfish. My favorite thing about the new year is the clean slate we get -- but I also like to treat every week as a new clean slate, too! More chances to improve.

Rachel G said...

Yes! Recognize them for what they are, lies! That gives you the power to rebuke them, start using Scripture to replace them with truth! :)