Friday, January 10, 2014

Knitting Storage

I have a lot of yarn. And a million knitting needles, circulars, double-points...all in various sizes and lengths and parts. I also have been cursed blessed with an amazing affection for yarn in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Now, HOW will I store it all, so I can easily find it and also so it looks neat and tidy?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring tips and tricks for storing knitting supplies. And yarn.

Step One: Buy a bigger house I mean, invest in cheep storage! The littlest things can be used to help organize your needles and you might not even know it! I found this round ice-maker thing at Goodwill for 99 cents. It holds my double pointed knitting needles perfectly! I also plan on taping and writing the sizes of my needles on the side (or maybe the top?) for even easier eyeballing.
Step Two: Use something you already have! My circular needles always get tangled. And then I have to search through every one looking for the size I want! So, I put all my hat needles through this sizer. I just leave them there. Now it is super, super easy to find the one I'm looking for. I only have one longer circular at the moment, so I'm not worried about that yet.
Step Three: Convince husband you need entire room to store yarn. I mean, pick up a hand-me-down that used to hold children's toys to store yarn. I have finished projects in the top slot, and things I'm currently working on next to that. The rest is yarn divided by weight and substance. It works!
Step Four: Makeup bag? Who needs that? YARN BAG! I don't wear makeup anymore, so all my containers are free to hold yarn projects and miscellaneous items. I use one in specific to hold all my cable needles, stitch markers, and other yarn paraphernalia. It's easy to pick up and take with me when I'm headed out but still want to bring a project along.
Step Five: If all else fails, make your own! A long time ago when I first started knitting, I made this needle case to hold my straight knitting needles. I hardly use them anymore (always knitting in the round) but it still works!
How do you organize your hobbies? Let me know, I'd love some tips!


Kristin said...

Great ideas! I need to organize my needles better this year (especially considering I'd really like to buy a full set of DPNs and some interchangeable circulars). Right now, I have my longer, metal straight needles in a 1/2 gallon glass jar. My shorter/bamboo straight needles are in a needle case that I made (similar to yours), as are my DPN sets. And my circulars are in another glass jar, but they tend to get tangled up.

Charlotte Paris Wood said...

Wow. I only have three sets of knitting needles and three crochet hooks. I thought I had a lot of yarn, but I was wrong. :) Have you seen how they stored this yarn on the wall:
It looks beautiful, but I don't think it's very practical because you would have to move it around as you added and removed yarn.

Carolynn said...

oh my gosh I have SO. MUCH. yarn it's not even funny oh dear.

also, I'm starting on the cabled head thing soon :) I'll do a blog post when I put it up!

Charlotte Paris Wood said...

I feel so special that you are going to make that!

JM MacF said...

I am going to show this post to my husband to prove that I don't have much yarn! (I am allowed one cabinet to organize any yarn/thread/material/patterns I may have. It's never enough!)

Carolynn said...

oh dear lol. Yes I have way to much!! But I love it! I can't stop collecting :P to be fair I do use it a ton. :P :P