Monday, January 6, 2014

Knitting, Lately

This past month I've knitted up at storm!

First off, my pen pall Sew Technicolor sent me this amazing pink/purple yarn she hand-dyed herself. I love it. At the time, I was in a crochet mood, so I whipped up this little cowl/neck-warmer thing! I adore this cowl--so warm, and fun! This yarn is beyond beautiful and variegated and I just can't stop looking at it and touching it! :D And...I still have an entire other skein to play with!
Then, I made a gift for another dear friend of mine, who requested, when asked, mitts that would "go with everything!" Challenge: accepted! I made her comfy black fingerless gloves that will, indeed, go with everything. Expect maybe a ball gown. Or a tutu.
These gloves were made from fingering weight yarn and I also made a free pattern for download in case anyone else wants to knit some!
The next project on my list was a new hat for Mr. Adventure! This was his Christmas gift, and he loved his manly earth-colored hat knitted by his wife! It really is soft! I used this free pattern to knit his slouchy hat, leaving off the pompom, of course.
The last, and final thing I knit before the new year were these arm warmers. Let me tell you a little story about these things. I started on them 6 months ago, before I knew how to make thumb holes and was just beginning to knit in the round. And I finished them a few days ago. I kept running out of beads and being distracted by other projects. But they are done, finally.

What about you? Any projects almost done, but not quite?

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Rachel G said...

You really have been knitting a ton!! I've been working with my sister Anna on my sewing machine a lot--we've been having fun and I've been learning a few new skills too--I'll have to "show off" what we made some time! I really like the beads on the arm warmers.

Kristin said...

I'm glad you like the yarn! Your cowl turned out cute. :)

Addie Gecas said...

Your beaded gloves are STUNNING!! Doesn't it feel nice to finish up old projects like that? Out with the old! :)