Saturday, January 18, 2014

Knit and Crochet

Since I've started making my own patterns, I don't knit other people's work very often anymore. But I just had to create this hat when I saw it.
The pattern is called Brier, and to be honest, it was an extremely hard knit. I'm used to lace patterns having a purl-all side, then on the knit side, having the yarn overs and knit2tog. This had a different repeat on every row. If you dropped a stitch, you were, well, screwed. I also found a few errors in the pattern that upset me mostly because I paid for this pattern. Sure, I didn't pay much, but when you buy something you kinda expect it to be proofread and checked for errors. But that is beside the point. Brier was challenging and hard--but I am in love with the finished product. I gifted this hat to my best friend Larkin. It was supposed to be her Christmas present (so late...) but, better now then never, right? Right?

 If you want to read more this hat, as well as see what kind of yarn I used, you can check out my Raverly post on it here.

Another project I am working on are these Maggie Leg Warmers. These are crochet, and the pattern was super hard to figure out at first because I am a total beginner at crochet. After a few hours of careful study I did finally figure out the pattern and now have it memorized. Its a basic five row repeat that I can now do with my eyes closed. I'm about halfway done with the other warmer and can't wait to wear them over my knee high boots next month.

What have you been making lately? Let me know!


Addie Gecas said...

That hat is gorgeous! But a different repeat on every row sounds like absolute insanity. I'm always late when I do handmade gifts, but it reminds me of this Handmade Ryan Gosling meme -- :)

Carolynn said...

omg that picture just made me die of laughter! hahaha! so true!!