Friday, February 1, 2013

Three date ideas (that you've probably never heard of before)

 I'm here today to offer you guys three amazing date ideas.

I've been married for almost two months now, but even before that--both "Mr. Adventure" (he refuses to be dubed 'Mr Kitty-ears') and I suffered from what I call "relational boredom". Sadly, relational boredom is highly contagious and can lead to one (or more!)  members of a family experiencing irritability, restlessness, iPhone dipsomania, lifestyle monotony, and/or failure to amuse your spouse (which can be fatal).

So I'm here to offer three lovely date "cures" that can be applied topically, relationally, or anyway, really, that you want.
1) Do Something With Your Hands
So sometimes (about once a month) when hubby and I are bored, we pull out the clay. Now, I love clay. Mr. Adventure had never touched the stuff before he met me. But clay is forgiving. Clay is easy, and clay is wonderful. We both sit down and spread it all out over the table and make something for the other. We talk and work and mold--and then anxiously wait while our creations bake in the oven! It is super fun and even small children (who don't like to put everything in their mouth) could participate. And in the end we have had an enjoyable time--and also created something that we will treasure forever.
2) Go on a Real Adventure 
Ever heard of geocaching? We love doing this together! All you do is download the app. What is it, you ask? Well, all over the world people have hidden "caches"! They post the gps coordinates and you follow them and then they give you a hint. Its like a treasure hunt. Some caches have prizes and some have a sheet where you leave your name. Some are as small as the head of a dime and some are very, very large. But all are fun.
3) Do something Special (for someone else!) 
This is about my favorite "date" adventure. If we are at home, and bored, hubby and I will pick out a random address in the phone book. We then write whoever a long, silly letter and include a few pictures of us. We don't give a return address, but do let them know that we are praying for him/her and that we hope they are enjoying life to the fullest. Sometimes we include stickers, a $5 bill, a page from a coloring book, or coupons. We love coming up with silly things to say, and generally switch the person writing every few lines or so.
So those are my go-to date ideas for when spur-of-the-moment boredom hits. What are yours? Please share! Mr. Adventure and I are always looking for more things to do! :)


Unknown said...

i love that last idea! so fun for the person you're doing it for and for the two of you!


Rachel said...

Those are definitely some creative ideas! My family has done geocaching a number of times. One of our favorite free and at home dates is a Boggle competition!