Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Absolute Zero

It is very, very, very, very COLD. Today my weather station says it is 17 degrees...that is cold for my poor southern mindset. (If you live in a colder area, its not my fault that you are an Eskimo. I am apparently a tropical Toucan, or something, husband says)
Yup, I'm freezing because it's Wear-A-Million-Layers-Cold. I tried to take some pictures outside, but the wind chill was not being very friendly! So I took a few pictures inside.
What I wore today: 
Hat: Target
Sweater: Thrifted (and WOOL)
Skinny Pants: NY&C 
Attitude: Ice Ice, baby

1 comment:

katie said...

i miss cold like that...such a cozy sweater, and i love it with that bright hat!