Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Many Faces of Mr. Adventure

funny husband picutres
Surprise vs. Normal
Deanna left me this comment on my "Mr. Adventure Said" post, where I detailed the funny things that randomly come out of my husbands mouth.
That got me thinking. My husband makes so many funny faces! So I thought I would share them with  you today.
husband ears
The "I'm Adorable" too face
mr cool on a boat
Yeah, I'm on a boat. Sup?
thumbs up
Yes, I'm Amazing. Why you ask?
kissy face
We has kissy times now?
I has ears
I has ears! :)
mr sexy
Sexy Beast Pose (w/ my glasses and pin lol)
yes dear
pretty pretty please *puppy face*
I'm addicted to my iphone
zombie cell phone usage! tee hee
whee shiny things
I'm a pretty butterfly ^_^
These are the faces of Mr. Adventure. Can you guess what he is thinking?

He's probably going to kill me that I've put these up here. But I think he's so cute!! I love my hubby so much....and he is adorable!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i think that it's great your husband is so....playful? that might sound like a weird word to give a grown man. but it's awesome! you two seem to fit each other so well. :)

Rachel said...

Oh man. My husband may be a little silly but I'm pretty sure he would not let me acquire photographic evidence!