Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Adventure asks a Question

What's so complicated about females?
This is how the conversation usually starts. We can't be that hard to understand! At my query he tries not to laugh; because I'm hopelessly complex.

Women, we can be very confusing at times, can't we! Many times I've found myself in tears over some little thing or two--much to my husbands confusion. He tries to comfort me, but sometimes I cannot be soothed and this both bewilders and hurts him.

Another thing: I also love to shop sporadically; can we stop here? oh look! a little boutique! How cute! To which he usually responds, I can't think of anything we need, do you need anything? Of course I don't "need" anything. I merely wanted to look!  
Oh, the many difference in men and women, and the simple ways we love each other. 

I asked my husband last week what he found bewildering about women, or about me in general. I wanted to know what parts of my personality confuse him, what parts of my girlish nature he finds baffling, and what womanly idiosyncrasies I amuse him with. We both discussed making this a weekly blog post, so you guys can laugh along with us. Feel free to give him advice or to tell me I'm crazy. Because I am. Haha. 

Husband asks:

What is the correct response to "What do you think of my outfit"?

For the story behind this question, I'll let husband take over: 
Carolynn always asks me, before we go out, what  I think of her outfit. At first I thought it was a harmless question. The discourse usually goes something like this: 

Her: *Getting dressed*
Me: *in chair, waiting to go*
Her: *is dressed, getting purse/coat/items*
Me: *playing with phone*
Her: *pause in front of me* 
Me: Are you ready?
Her: *grins* yup!
Me: *stands up, gets keys*
Her: *after a pause*  What do you think of my outfit?
Me: *looks her over* You look fine.
Her: *look of disappointment crosses face*
Me: What did I say?
Her: What does fine mean?  
Me: ?????? Uh, you look great. 
Her: *look of sadness* 
Me: panic mode uh, you look really beautiful....
Her: *unsure smile* are you sure? should I change?
Me: wtf is going on uh, no, lets go eat, I'm hungry 
I noticed this happening a lot when we go places, so when she asked me what weird female things I've seen--this one takes the cake. I can't understand it at all! I've told her several times I love how she dresses, and she always looks amazing. 
We had a long talk about it, and I think we both understand better now. I want Mr. Adventure to notice me getting dressed and compliment me on my outfit before I have to ask. And I don't want him to use the word "fine" when describing my attire at all, because when I hear that word it sound negative to me! 

What do you guys think? Have you ever seen this happen in a conversation with a loved one? 
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