Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Adventure asks a Question

What's so complicated about females?
This is how the conversation usually starts. We can't be that hard to understand! At my query he tries not to laugh; because I'm hopelessly complex.

Women, we can be very confusing at times, can't we! Many times I've found myself in tears over some little thing or two--much to my husbands confusion. He tries to comfort me, but sometimes I cannot be soothed and this both bewilders and hurts him.

Another thing: I also love to shop sporadically; can we stop here? oh look! a little boutique! How cute! To which he usually responds, I can't think of anything we need, do you need anything? Of course I don't "need" anything. I merely wanted to look!  
Oh, the many difference in men and women, and the simple ways we love each other. 

I asked my husband last week what he found bewildering about women, or about me in general. I wanted to know what parts of my personality confuse him, what parts of my girlish nature he finds baffling, and what womanly idiosyncrasies I amuse him with. We both discussed making this a weekly blog post, so you guys can laugh along with us. Feel free to give him advice or to tell me I'm crazy. Because I am. Haha. 

Husband asks:

What is the correct response to "What do you think of my outfit"?

For the story behind this question, I'll let husband take over: 
Carolynn always asks me, before we go out, what  I think of her outfit. At first I thought it was a harmless question. The discourse usually goes something like this: 

Her: *Getting dressed*
Me: *in chair, waiting to go*
Her: *is dressed, getting purse/coat/items*
Me: *playing with phone*
Her: *pause in front of me* 
Me: Are you ready?
Her: *grins* yup!
Me: *stands up, gets keys*
Her: *after a pause*  What do you think of my outfit?
Me: *looks her over* You look fine.
Her: *look of disappointment crosses face*
Me: What did I say?
Her: What does fine mean?  
Me: ?????? Uh, you look great. 
Her: *look of sadness* 
Me: panic mode uh, you look really beautiful....
Her: *unsure smile* are you sure? should I change?
Me: wtf is going on uh, no, lets go eat, I'm hungry 
I noticed this happening a lot when we go places, so when she asked me what weird female things I've seen--this one takes the cake. I can't understand it at all! I've told her several times I love how she dresses, and she always looks amazing. 
We had a long talk about it, and I think we both understand better now. I want Mr. Adventure to notice me getting dressed and compliment me on my outfit before I have to ask. And I don't want him to use the word "fine" when describing my attire at all, because when I hear that word it sound negative to me! 

What do you guys think? Have you ever seen this happen in a conversation with a loved one? 


Rachel said...

Angel learned long ago that the correct response is: "You look like a genius!"

Chantal said...

I totally understand the compliment thing, lol

Cliffie said...

As a fan of both you and Kitty-Ears, I must ask: What does "You look like a genius" actually mean? I used to have people say that about me, but I always thought it was because I wore glasses. So, my sympathies go out to Angel, because if someone asked me whether they looked like a genius, I would be totally clueless as to how to describe what "genius" looks like. As I am an unmarried guy, would you please elaborate? :)


P.S. My sympathies to Mr. Adventure and to Angel! ;)

Rachel said...

I'm not entirely sure if this is the standard definition, but in my world, to look like a genius means to dress in a way in which no one else in the world would normally dress. Because, of course, geniuses are too smart to be bound by rules of fashion. Rather, they think above and beyond the rules and put together outfits that some would call crazy, but the more discerning observer would call "Genius".

I'm not sure at all that most women would want to look like a genius, but Angel knows that to me, that is the highest compliment. Perhaps you should have a little sympathy for him.