Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny Things I Noticed this Week

Nat of 23seveteen introduced me to this site called Poshmark. You can sell your gently used clothing on there. I'm addicted. I haven't bought anything from there yet, but I am selling some things that I really don't wear anymore from my closet. Yeah, if you've seen my closet you know it needs a cleaning.

As I was browsing the skirts I noticed something funny.
poshmark funny fail
you had one job. ONE JOB
Clearly says size 8, to me. Maybe she is saying it fits like a 10? Oh well.

In other news, one of my blog posts on henna hair has been blowing up. And by blowing up, I mean, over 100 views to this article alone every day. I checked it out and it seems to be coming mostly from Russia. From Russian Google to be exact. So, I guess if you enter "henna hair" into Google in Russia, you get me. Hah.
Anyway, I found this to be quite silly. (I hope that is actually Russian. I'm not 100% sure) Have you ever had a blog post you've written receive a ton of hits for apparently random reasons?
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