Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clothing Exchange [Shop My Closet]

I've seen these shop my closet things everywhere. Mine is a little different as I will allow you to exchange a piece of clothing/book/accessory/stuffed purple giraffe from your wardrobe for something from mine!
//How it works
  • E-mail me what item you would like me to mail you, along with your mailing address or PO box. First come, first serve! 
  • I will mail it out in 1-3 business days.
  • When you receive your package you must mail me something from your closet! I'll take shirts, size M-L, pants/skirts size L or 10/12, Fantasy books, or boho jewelry/gloves or scarves. The going rate is 1-1, one item for one item in return :)   
  • Items must be clean and in wearable condition.
Don't want to exchange? You can purchase anything I post here for 14$ (this includes shipping).
Target Feather Print Dress size XL
has hidden pockets
Forever 21 black and white Mini Skirt size 7
American Eagle Strapless Dress size Small
Yellow: Zara Collection Floral: Kimchi&Blue Brown: Target
All Size L 
Spotted 100% Silk top from Lafayette 148 NY size 12
Charlotte Ruse size Small green Top
Croft and Barrow cream shirt, size Small 
If interested, E-mail me!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i emailed you. :) i need that green thrifted dress in my life. :)

noone said...

the clothing exchange idea sounds like a good idea!

Rachel said...

You have some cute clothes, girl! Especially considering that this is the stuff you're getting rid of! And by the way, you've once again gone back to "no-teply blogger" status. Crazy computers.