Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clothing Exchange [Shop My Closet]

I've seen these shop my closet things everywhere. Mine is a little different as I will allow you to exchange a piece of clothing/book/accessory/stuffed purple giraffe from your wardrobe for something from mine!
//How it works
  • E-mail me what item you would like me to mail you, along with your mailing address or PO box. First come, first serve! 
  • I will mail it out in 1-3 business days.
  • When you receive your package you must mail me something from your closet! I'll take shirts, size M-L, pants/skirts size L or 10/12, Fantasy books, or boho jewelry/gloves or scarves. The going rate is 1-1, one item for one item in return :)   
  • Items must be clean and in wearable condition.
Don't want to exchange? You can purchase anything I post here for 14$ (this includes shipping).
Target Feather Print Dress size XL
has hidden pockets
Forever 21 black and white Mini Skirt size 7
American Eagle Strapless Dress size Small
Yellow: Zara Collection Floral: Kimchi&Blue Brown: Target
All Size L 
Spotted 100% Silk top from Lafayette 148 NY size 12
Charlotte Ruse size Small green Top
Croft and Barrow cream shirt, size Small 
If interested, E-mail me!
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