Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About Mrs. Kitty Ears, as written by Mr. Adventure

Hi! Husband here. So I saw my wife posted some, uh, awkward pictures of me the other day. I wasn't very happy when I got home about the embarrassing nature of these pictures, especially since one of my coworkers is the one who enlightened me about her revealing blog post. I thought about deleting them, but when I got home my wife made that adorable puppy face and then fed me lasagna and then, well, we won't go into what happens after lasagna, but I'm sure you can guess.

Yet I still wanted to get her back. It is a good thing we shared our passwords with each other when we got married :)

So enjoy these pictures I've captured of Mrs. Kitty Ears! :) Tee hee.
Bunny wife! =^_^=
normal wife
super happy surprised wife
adorable annoying pouty wife 
barefoot-in-kitchen wife!
Also dear, if you are reading this, I just switched the blog post you had scheduled for today to another day. I love you! Can we have lasagna again tonight?


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