Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bathroom Redo

I am getting married tomorrow! Can you believe it? WOW! I'm so excited!!

Since I am moving into my husbands house after our wedding, I decided to redo his upstairs bathroom. When I move in, this will be my bathroom. This one desperately needed help!

Here are the before pictures:
The walls also need painting, but we are doing all that this summer. For today, I just wanted to update the decor. I love color, so I went with bright hues! 
It's nice how just a few changes can spice up a whole room! My fiance was pleased with my choices! We have two bathrooms, and I'll be decorating the other one also, after we wed. That is the one my fiance primary will be using so I probably won't be able to use such wonderful colors in there...but who knows? :)
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