Monday, May 25, 2015

Third Trimester Essentials

I'm still using (and needing) everything I talked about in my second trimester essentials post. But I have added a few products to my life that help me out a ton as I traverse the third trimester.

Organic Apple Juice - I don't know if this is a thing, but this organic apple juice helps my acid reflex like woah. I don't like to eat tums because of the food coloring, and I gag if I try to down some apple cider vinegar no matter how much I dilute it (usually they say 1-2 tbsp in 2 cups of water). Apple juice works through. I would have no esophagus I'm sure if I didn't have this to drink. My baby better have a ton of hair because this is not fun.

Body Pillow - I love my C shaped body pillow. I'll be honest, I'm still sleeping really well, and I credit it two things-- one, this body pillow, and two, working out (power walking) in the evenings. Or perhaps I'm just lucky. But who knows. I bought mine off amazon and I sleep with it every night, and I won't give it up no matter how much space it takes up in the bed (sorry husband) (actually not sorry.)

Boob Creme - Okay, this isn't called boob cream. It's actual name is Shea Butter with Avocado Oil by Norwex, but since I exclusively put this on the ladies, I call it boob cream. I don't have any stretch marks on my belly--but half of my breasts look like a war zone. I still put coconut oil on them in the morning but now I'm putting this stuff on them as a night cream.

Probiotics - I feel like talk about my lack of a stellar digestive system a bit to much. But it's true, many women become constipated during pregnancy. I got this probiotic approved by my midwife and it's helping. A lot.

So besides my ever-loving affair with leggings, not much else has changed in the third trimester. What things got you through these last three months?

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