Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hilarous Third Trimester Adventures

Besides the time (okay, times, now) that I peed on myself at the beginning of the third trimester I assumed the worst was over. I was wrong.

Last week everything hurt. When I say everything, I mean everything. My back. My belly. My legs. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that still to this day is giving me pain (going to the chiropractor...) I was just overall miserable and also crabby towards my husband, of course. It comes with the miserable category. He, of course, is usually a good sport and rubs my back and brings me ice packs and heated rice thingies to lay on. He hasn't even complained all that much about the smell of lavender that permeates the bedroom with it's soothing (yet cloying, to husband) scent. 

Little man is getting so big and I'm so excited to meet him. I mean, all the struggles I am going through I'd probably still go through even if he wasn't currently sitting on my bladder and playing drums all over my uterus, but perhaps of a different sort. I'd probably be complaining about weight loss and the inability to get pregnant if he wasn't there, or perhaps pain from my neck or something (old accident that flairs up sometimes). It's all priorities, people. Right now I'm living something different through.

Everyone struggles. However, I was convinced that if I had to go through the next 10 weeks in pain like last week I wouldn't make it. I cried on my husband from the pain. I know he doesn't like to see me in pain--and I find it annoying that he can't do anything to help me. I mean, I know he can't do anything. But for some reason I expect magic. (anyone else like this? Pain frustrates me!)

This week is better through, thank goodness. We had an ultrasound, and I no longer have marginal placenta previa! Yay! I am good to go for a vaginal delivery, as my placenta is now 7 cm away from my cervix. This was great news. I was all preparing for bad news that it took awhile to sink in, through. No more scheduled c-section at this point unless something else goes awry. I feel blessed. Now if only my shoulder would stop hurting.

Another thing. Sex in the third trimester is no joke, people. Okay, maybe it is a joke. It's fun...but it is the most awkward and hilarious marital sex I've had. It requires both tact and an open mind from both partners. I've never laughed so much during sex before! It's still fun, of's just interesting. My husband has an amazing sense of humor and I am so thankful for it at this time. He knows just the right thing to say at the wrong time. Hahaha. Ahem. Third trimester sex is not easy.

Only 10 more weeks until I will be able to hold my baby! I'm excited for him to stop kicking my insides. He can kick the outsides all he wants. I'm sure he will still wake me up in the middle of the night, but hopefully I can stop peeing on myself on a weekly occasion. And we still have to pick out a name!


Kira Anastasia said...

You look amazing! It must be exciting to be so close to "meeting" Little Man (in the formal sense...I'm sure you already feel like you know him really well!)

Brita Long said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures of you. I like all of your fashion posts, but you are just the cutest pregnant woman! Also, I appreciate your candor, as always. I think laughing during sex is a good thing. ;) I may or may not sometimes have a problem with farting during orgasm...

SMH said...

I actually don't recall ever seeing u with pants on in pictures. :-) you look great. And happy.!