Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2nd Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

I'll be honest, I read a lot of pregnancy essential lists over the months. I usually laugh at the "first trimester" lists because I was so sick I literally couldn't do anything. The only "essential" I will be using in the future for the first trimester will be to stockpile crock-pot meals in my freezer so I can at least eat healthy and not rely on whatever my husband picks up after work.

The second trimester is different, and I do have a list of things I use almost every day. Mine is small, and of course what everyone needs is going to vary because what one person uses and loves may cause nausea in another. Yay, pregnancy hormones.

Well, I suppose I can start with saying there are things I thought I would need that I either do not currently use or perhaps will never use (I mean, I'm still baking this bun, so who knows). But I thought I would use them because everyone else included them on their list. One would be a pregnancy pillow. I've never tried to sleep or curl up with anything more uncomfortable. Maybe I am just not pregnant enough to appreciate this contraption yet.

Kitty Adventure's List of Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials
  1. Organic Coconut Oil, unrefined and cold pressed. I smear this stuff all over my belly every day after I shower hoping and praying that I will not get stretch marks. So far it appears to be working. My younger sister who had a baby when she was 8 years younger then me never got any, so I'm also betting on good genetics. But then I'm 29, not 21.
  2. A two piece swimsuit - I swim a lot and as my belly grows my one piece just isn't cutting it. Well, actually it is cutting it if by "cutting" you mean my circulation. Anyway I have a cute tankini and my little belly is poking out of it and there is just a lot of room. I won't need to buy a maternity suit, at least in my second trimester. Also, it makes peeing a lot easier because I only have to remove one potion of my suit to use the toilet. And I pee a lot. 
  3. Nursing bras- as my boobs get bigger I am buying nursing bras. This way as my chest gets smaller when I am weening the baby I wont have to buy all new bras. I'll already have different sizes to choose from that are perfect for nursing as my breast size fluctuates.
  4. Thayers Witch Hazel Pads- these are for hemorrhoids. And I thought I'd left all the nasty surprises in the first trimester.  Just buy them. You will thank me later. I got mine at the wonderful world of Walmart at 11pm after a lot of internet research and frustrated, emotionally driven pregnancy sobbing.
  5. Heating pad. I don't know about you, but being cold is one of the worst things for me. Being pregnant and cold is worse. I love my heating pad and my husband has recently found out that I enjoy cuddling with it more then him sometimes. Mostly because he still smells like a human, but for some reason he keeps telling me that isn't his fault. Silly husband.
That is basically my list. What things did you cherish during your second trimester? What things should I look into buying for my third trimester? I left out the obvious "bigger clothing" part, but yeah. I have bought some clothes too. However maternity clothes haven't hit the "essential" mark for me yet as I can still wear about half of my regular dresses. I can't wear any of my pants except for leggings.

Things I am thinking of buying for the third trimester: A pregnancy ball and a birthing stool.

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