Monday, May 11, 2015

A Two Week Meal Plan for 2

As I said in a previous blog post, I've been meal planning! I love meal planning and knowing what I am making every day helps me not panic when dinner time hits. It also helps me not make the same thing every week. I decided to start posting my meal plans on the blog! For this dinner plan, I cooked a bunch of gluten free recipes I either know from my head or found on pinterest (with some gluten options included for my gluten-loving husband). If you click on the recipe it will take you to the person's blog I got it from!

Week One
  1. Baked chicken, frozen veggies, & sweet potatoes
  2. Chicken Salad with paleo wraps, frozen veggies
  3. Tomato Basil Parm Soup
  4. Leftover tomato basil parm soup with grilled cheese on the side for the husband
  5. Paleo sloppy joes served on sweet potatoes
  6. Chinese Chicken + veggies + rice
  7. leftover sloppy joes
Week Two
  1. Paleo pizza pie layer casserole
  2. leftover pizza pie casserole
  3. Chicken fajitas with paleo wraps
  4. hamburgers and steamed cauliflour
  5. Chicken curry + rice
  6. leftover chicken curry and rice
  7. BBQ chicken wraps with frozen veggies
I paid about $150 in groceries for these two weeks of meal plans. I buy everything organic that I possibly can (some exceptions: bananas, avocados, and bread) so this might be more expensive than what most people typically spend in a two week period. But it works for us. Since I buy organic meat, $60 alone went to the meat I purchased.

If you want to download this two week meal plan (includes all recipes for each day as well as a printable grocery list) you can click here! Let me know if you like it, and if you would like to see more meal plans like this on my blog. I've slightly modified the two recipes from paleo newbie and beauty and the foodie that are linked above but the actual recipes are linked in the downloadable pdf as well.

Happy cooking!

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