Friday, May 8, 2015

Oatmeal Glove Knitting Tutorial

I wanted to make a pattern that would work well with variegated yarn. This all started when Kristin posted her mountain mitts, and I fell in love with the yarn supplier she used, Fairy Tale Knits. I'm not a big fan of fingering weight yarn (the kind Kristin used) because it can be so time consuming to knit due to the small needle size required. So I bought some thicker worsted weight to make these gloves. I was picturing something chunky, not just a straight knit glove pattern--something with an interesting tactile presence that show off the colors in this amazing purple silk/wool yarn blend and not muddy them together with a difficult stitch pattern. So many patterns don't work well with variegated yarn due to the stitches getting lost in the colors or vice-versa.

So I made up my own pattern that uses contrasting rows of knits and purls to show off the lovely yarn while also creating some cool textures! You can check out the downloadable PDF pattern on Raverly or Youtube, or hit play below. 

Happy knitting!