Friday, May 15, 2015

My Birth Plan

Before I share my birth plan with you guys, I want to go over two things. One, every woman's birth plan is different. Don't judge! I've tried to make decisions that I feel are best for me and my baby. The second thing I want to say is that I know birth plans are guidelines at best. Things can go wrong. Things can change. This is just me preparing as best I can. I mean, I hope things go favorably for me--but anything can happen. It's birth. It's my body, doing the best it can. Because of this, you will see that I wrote both a vaginal birth and a c-section birth plan.

 Important information:
1)     Patient has an extreme fear of needles.
2)     We would like to attempt as natural a birth as possible
3)     Please inform both Mother (Carolynn Markey) and Father (Brian Markey) of all procedures before administering

When Laboring
1)     Only necessary hospital medical personal please.
2)     Would like Father (Brian Markey) and grandmother and Doula to be present and allowed in birthing room.
3)     Prefer to avoid routine IV, no hep-lock
4)     Please no pain medication unless requested
5)     No epidural
6)     Would like ability to move around in room, and use birthing ball.
7)     Intermittent fetal monitoring

At Delivery
1)     Prefer to wait for the urge to push and wish to push in whatever position feels most comfortable
2)     Would like to avoid episiotomy
3)     Warm oil and compresses for perineum

After Birth
1)     Delayed cord clamping, until it stops pulsating
2)     Would like to naturally deliver placenta
3)     Wish to breastfeed baby immediately, no pacifier for baby
4)     Wait for newborn procedures until after first feeding
5)     No erythromycin eye drops
6)     No Hep-B shot
7)     Oral vitamin K to be given to baby, no vit K shot
8)     No Circumcision for male baby, Baby to room with mom.
9)     Do not rub vernix off, I will rub it into skin

In case of Mother’s death/unresponsive state or emergency hospitalization
1)     Father has formula to feed baby. Please let him use what we have picked out, no generic formula
2)     Baby to stay with Father (Brian Markey) or grandmother at all times.

So that, above is my individual natural birth plan. You can view/download a word document of my birth plan here to see the c-section portion that I hope and pray I don't have to use. What about you? Did you use a birth plan and how did it go? I'm trying not to expect much, and I'm praying a lot!


Brita Long said...

I've read about a million birth stories at this point, many of which mention birth plans. You're the first blogger to share it in advance! I really appreciate that, because my impressions thus far of pregnancy + childbirth is that figuring things out can be overwhelming. There are SO many decisions to make! Like you said, it's a very individual thing, but just seeing one example of a birth plan is inspiring. I am praying that everything works out for you! I'm praying especially that you don't need the backup plan of you dying. :( I understand the importance of specifying those wishes. My parents obviously have a will, and they've gone over the periodic updates with my brothers and me. Just because it's necessary doesn't make it any less sad to think about.

Which reminds me... Dan and I really should have a will.

Shoshanah G said...

I never wrote out an official birth plan, but still had the labor I wanted. I didn't have an epidural, which was main goal. And while I didn't have her immediately after since they thought she might have breathed in meconium, I had her only a minute or two after to breastfeed. Overall I was really happy with the way her birth worked out, and hopefully the same happens with you!

Carolynn said...

I really hope nothing goes wrong, but you never know and it's always good to try and be as prepared as possible (at least, thats what my stressed self thinks :P) We are making a will now too! It didn't matter so much before but now that we have offspring...want to make sure we leave them to good family :)

Carolynn said...

I hope so too! Thank you for all your kind words. I'm so excited.

Paula Merrill said...

I had written down what I wanted, but never brought it with us. I wanted a natural as possible birth, but trusted my doctors if I needed something else done. I ended up getting induced due to pre-eclampsia, something I didn't really think would happen (even though I had high blood pressure majority of the pregnancy). I was on bed rest and had a catheter, and opted for an epidural (I was majorly against those to begin with) since I couldn't walk, use the tub, etc. We also opted to do the shots, etc. Even though it wasn't a process I would have asked to have, he was born safe and that's all you want. Hopefully yours works out!

Breenah said...

I don't know if it's because I'm lazy or because the thought of thinking about all options freaked me out, but I just filled out the basic birth plan paper the hospital gave me. I wish I had looked more into the erythromycin because Quinn wound up having an allergic reaction to it, although I'm not sure I would have expected that.
Oh, and if you're printing this out or something it's personnel, not personal.
I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Carolynn said...

oooh, thanks! I didn't catch that spelling mistake :)

Carolynn said...

thanks so much! I'm praying a lot :)

Sarah said...

What is a natural/gentle csection? I've never heard that term.
Outside of discussing whether or not you'll be asleep during the procedure I'm not sure you have much say over the amount of anesthesia ("as little as possible"). When I had my csection the anesthesia wore off and I felt the whole surgery. I wouldn't want you to experience the same terrible pain I did!