Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reacting to Old Selfies

I don't know about you, but I love taking pictures of myself. Ever since I received a camera (as a birthday gift right before my senior year of high school) I have been, well, turning the camera around and attempting to...capture myself.

 I don't think the word selfie was invented when I received my gift in 2005, but, whatever. I still loved taking pictures of everything from gardens to my own face. Mostly my own face.

Here are some...interesting ones that I dug up. And then promptly deleted, because why?

1) Okay, so I remember taking this picture (somewhere in 2007) and sending it to my boyfriend. Apparently I thought I looked hot. 

2) I have no idea what I was doing here. But look, my old car!

3) Clearly, still no idea what I am doing. But wow, I must have really thought something of myself.

 4) Nothing says "third time's the charm" like a cheesy 90's smile. These were taken in 2007.

5) I found this next gem on my macbook photobooth app. It's from 2008. I remember taking it in class and sending it to my boyfriend (a different boyfriend at this point) to show him how bored I was in class.

Also, this used to be my favorite hat. I have no idea what happened to it.

6) Clearly the hair fairy really blessed me. Dear lord, I don't remember having that much hair.

7) What am I wearing? And why? I have no idea.

8) I believe this was one of my first (and only) attempts to wear "eyeliner". The world can thank me later.

So, I want to see you guys react to your old selfies too. Most importantly, Belle and Rachel! (Rachel it is totally okay to cheat and use Angel's old pictures if you don't have any. For some reason he strikes me as more of the selfie taker anyway).


Rachel G said...

I actually really like the eyeliner, but then, I'm an eyeliner fan. And yes, your hair likes to be large. That's not such a bad thing. Too much hair is better than too little. :)
Okay, fine. I like pictures of myself, but I don't really like actually taking them of myself, so selfies are fairly rare. This was my first ever FB profile picture, taken early 2010 in my car in the parking lot at college.

Rachel G said...

At this is the first selfie that Angel ever took using my camera, which puts this at Spring 2009, one night when he asked to borrow my camera and he took over 100 pictures.

Rachel G said...

This is his 2nd selfie from that night. There were about 10 more, including a selfie of his elbow. You can spot me in the background. I probably should have known after this evening that he'd be my perfect man, but somehow it wasn't yet obvious.

Carolynn said...

paper clip earrings!

Carolynn said...

woah, Angel has LONG toes.

Rachel G said...

I still have 'em! :)

Rachel G said...

So do I, although I don't take selfies of my feet. Our poor children.