Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Baby Shower

My good friend (and small group leader) Missy threw me a wonderful baby shower, with food made and brought by her and my mother-in-law and my mom. It was so much fun! I loved being surrounded by friends and family and receiving such amazing wonderful gifts from such caring people for my baby.

There was so much food. My mother in law took all these pictures (I thought I'd have time to take some but I totally forgot so I'm so grateful to her!) I cut out all the people except for Brian and I because I am more and more aware of making sure I don't violate anyone's personal space by putting a picture of them on the internet.

We have to play a game where we had to diaper a "baby" in the dark. Aka blindfolded. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, although it did take awhile!

Success! (We both put the diaper on backwards...)

Opening things and imagining them on my squishy was delightful! I'm washing everything now and I can't wait to put it all away!

My baby shower was amazing. I loved every minute and ate three vegan cupcakes and a lot of popcorn. I am beyond blessed to have such wonderful amazing friends who care so much about me!

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