Friday, June 13, 2014

Randomly Kitty-Ears

I've enjoyed Rachel's blog for awhile! She's one of my favorite people to read. I've been unable to stop laughing as I've read about some of the things her husband says. I've also sat in shock and prayer with her as she retold the story of how she survived a tsunami. She's funny, honest, sweet and an amazing writer.

Today I attempted to dress like her.

I don't know if Rachel has a style. As far as I can tell, she just loves color. Her outfits range from extremely weird to cute to cross-cultural.

photo credit: Randomly Rachel
However, I did notice that a majority of her outfits included bows, a-line dresses, and funky tights! Thus, I ambled down the road to goodwill and found myself a dress for $4.50. I paired it with bright blue lace tights and a pretty pink bow! I also styled my hair in a fax bob to try to mimic Rachel's cute short locks. Rachel, how did I do?

Now I just want to chop all my hair off after seeing how cute my hair would look short. And how much easier it would fit under a wig. 

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