Monday, June 9, 2014

One Day

One day I'll be a mother. One day I'll write a book. One day I'll find out who I am, or who I would have been, if I could just sit still enough. Sometimes I think my life consists of 50% slacking off and 50% frenzied attempts at "adulthood" to make up for the former.

Well, I've finished a lot of ideas. More then I ever thought I would. But there are so many more resting just on the tips of my fingers, poised to strike if only I had enough time. Time to make my husband feel special. Time to crochet those lace arm warmers I've been dreaming about. Time to really sit down and read my bible. Time to invest in what I feel my heart desires.

Time to enjoy the summer. Well, I am enjoying this summer. I feel like the older I become the more I learn about myself and human beings and the world. So many feelings and ideas. I rediscover myself every weekend. I think much of life is coming to know yourself more--as you know God more. As you start to understand people and inhibitions and fears and reasons and desires and how a lot of people are ruled by these things--you then see how you yourself are also controlled by such petty emotions. And how it can hurt others.

This week I realized how very little I actually would need to live. Food. A place to sleep. Warmth. Companionship. How much excess we have, and how much diversity it has lead to in our lives. How much clutter, as well. I've seen things divide people. And I've seen them bring them together.

The big thing now is everyone hating on social media and the internet.  Several of my friends have unplugged, saying things like they need to get back to real life, usually followed by a link to that viral video about over-usage of phones that I will spare you yet another glimpse of.

But I look around and all I can see is beauty. Yes, you can use the internet to much. Yes, there are dark seedy places on this wide web you should avoid. No, it shouldn't be the thing your whole life is wrapped around, just like the coffee shop down the street or the girl next door shouldn't be. Like everything else, the internet can be a distraction and a false idol. Just like most things, its the user, not the item, that is corrupted. I think a lot of people forget that.

Without the internet I would never have met Rachel. I would never have met Michelle. I wouldn't even have met my husband. The internet, and my safe usage of it, has brought me so much joy.

Thus today I wanted to say--I am glad to meet you. I hope I can encourage you in this journey we call life--because no one is promised another day, much less an hour. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Dress: Salvaged
Book Necklace: Vickisheehan


Rachel G said...

With my family and many of my friends so far away, I'm definitely one who appreciates the internet and and FB (though I know FB is much disliked these days...) for keeping in touch. Sure, people say, "Send a letter!" and letters and packages mean a lot...but when they take weeks to arrive and are pricey (I sent my family a bubble envelope with a couple items--it was small and light...$18 in postage...)...the internet is much nicer for making them aware of urgent family news and helping me stay in touch with the home of my heart.

Joanna said...

Wow, Carolynn! That dress is simply amazing- I love it!!! Its flowy, floral and such a great length!

I agree, the internet can be such a great way to connect with others, though I have seen the rotten side of it, also.

April said...

Nice to meet you too! I love the creativity in your pictures. I'm glad to be part of following your journey!

Angela said...

Picture #4 = my new favorite picture of you! Beautiful! Have a blessed Monday <3.

Deanna Fike said...

i'm about to turn 30 and i'm just now figuring out what i want to do 'when i grow up.'

the color of your dress looks so good on you. and it looks So comfy!

Michelle said...

I love this :)