Friday, June 6, 2014

I can't watch anymore.

I'm sorry.

I can't watch TV anymore. (Actually, it's been over three years since I've watched any television, if you don't count netflix. really. three years. and I have not missed it once.)

But lately I can't even watch movies anymore.

It's been ruined for me.

I feel old saying this, but I've seen every movie plot known to men at least 200 times over, and I'm only 28.

It's boring. It's repetitive. I'm tired of it. I need a break.

Thus, I no longer wish to participate in this leisure activity for awhile. Give me a book, or something, anything with depth. Something I can relate to that does not have snakes on a plane or someone being knocked up on a blind date or annoying small talk or unrealistic portrayals of marriage or life after college or teen pregnancy. Give me real people.

I think part of it is that I'm tired of being a consumer. I'm tired of consuming all this stuff that Hollywood and the media keep trying to throw at me. I feel like to them I'm just a pawn, just a little $$ sign. I think most things today are created not out of a genuine love of making, but out of a desire to get money, fame. I feel used by the system.

It's not enjoyable anymore.

I may watch a few movies here and there, but I think as a whole, I'm just done. Done.

What do you think? To be honest, I've never even lived in a house where I had access to cable, so I didn't grow up on TV to begin with--but lately just everything that's come out looks so SO boring. And redone. And oversexed.

For your indelible enjoyment, I have compiled a list of movies I have not yet seen (and won't be seeing). Read them and tell me I'm wrong. If you dare
  1. The second hobbit movie. Or even the third one.
  2. That sad movie about cancer and faulty stars. nope. not interested.
  3. What the heck ever transformer movie we are on now
  4. Anything with Captain-Southern-Accent and his boomerang shield
  5. Anything with the words "hot-tub" and "time machine" in it. What should I say? *fake voice* "Oh, yay, its another movie about men with a side of hot chicks! I can't wait to see it!" *rolls eyes* Please, tell me how this will edify my life.
  6. No thank you, I already know Heaven is for Real.
  7. I don't want to see Noah's Ark. I'm tired about hearing how either 1) awesome it is or 2) non-biblical it is. Can't we just see it as a movie, and be done with it?
  8. Why do we have a whole movie about a man's hunt to obtain a human penis for his penis collection? (yes that is actually a movie) WHAT?!?
  9. I still have not seen that musical Le Mis that everyone was raving about awhile ago. I own the book. I'm sure that's better, so I'll stick with that. Thanks.
  10. Anything where the main characters name is Honey booboo. I honestly think most people watch that out of pity for her. Or to realize their life really isn't that bad after all, because at least 3.5 million people don't watch you make a utter fool out of yourself and your daughter on a daily basis.
Movies, you have not impressed me lately. I'm sorry, but we are just going to have to end it. I'll get your coat. Please don't come back. Unless your animated...them maybe I'll try you.

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