Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crochet Totoro Purse

New totoro purse! This one is flat, messenger style, unlike the one I made a few months ago. Also, I designed this one myself!

The inside of the bag is lined in a flower print fabric, and has two pockets. The tutorial I uploaded to Ravelry shows how to crochet the bag and also line it with a sewing machine. I even created a youtube tutorial as well, so you can see all the steps as they are happening.

 Totoro bag, you make me happy!


  1. you look so good in pink! it really makes your skin glow.

  2. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a while, but never commented before. But now I feel I have to comment, because you have created the Cutest Thing Ever, and now I'm going to go make one for myself! Thankyooou!

  3. Stop it with all these amazing dresses! Just kidding- don't ever stop. That pink dress is my favorite so far and looks beautiful on you!

  4. I love the bag! So cute! And you look lovely as well.

  5. Oh, Totoro...I made a totoro hat for Charlotte, aren't they great fun? =)


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