Monday, March 17, 2014

New Space

I love what I've done with my creative space! Here is a post of what it looked like before. Now it's much more organized and much more me!

What I did was move my yarn upstairs, and then fixed my clothes to fit all in one space so I could use the other closet as a hobby closet.

I love it! Now everything is all in one place, within easy access! I can also shut the doors and hide the clutter, so to speak.

I love working in my new space--and this is only the beginning of the changes, because this summer it's going to change further! My husband is cleaning up our "storage room" and turning it into a "guy place" where he can tinker with things, so his computer and one of the recliner chairs will be moved down there, giving me even more room! I hope to create a space to film as well as put a bed up here so that my friends will have a place to stay over.

What do you think?


Rachel G said...

Looking nice! And I definitely like the aspect of just being able to shut the doors when company's over! :) We've been just beginning the spring cleaning process and reorganizing, getting rid of more stuff bit by's a long process for us!

Tori Bragg said...

Awesome!! My goal is to have a creative space like that one of these days, once we can afford a bigger apartment :P