Saturday, March 1, 2014

Free Clothing (CLOSED)

Hello guys! I've been cleaning out my closet. Last week I donated three huge bags of clothes to a instagram friend. And then, this week I decided to close my vintage etsy shop and purge my closet some more. I also have not bought a single new piece of clothing in over a month! (this is a milestone if you know me...)

My goal is to not buy any new clothing items for 6 months. Yes, that is right. I want to hold off on buying anything unnecessary for 6 months. (actually, not just clothing, this goes for anything) I made my last yarn purchase in mid-February for my sweater, and won't be purchasing any non-food related items until September when fall rolls back around. I really hope I can make it...

As you can imagine, my husband is rejoicing. As am I. I want to work in cutting down my clutter and just enjoying what I already have for the next six months.

So, I decided to see if any of you lovely blog readers would like to receive (for free) these clothes from my old vintage etsy shop.

I have organized the clothes by size. Each picture is a "lot". You will receive the entire lot. Shipping is 10$ per lot and I will refund any money that I don't use for shipping. If you are outside the continental USA shipping is 20$ per lot.

To claim a lot just leave a comment on my blog indicating what size you want. I just realized I have two med/large piles, so if you want either of these, please state rather you want the one with the purse or the one with the shorts.

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