Friday, March 7, 2014

Day Before Snow

I thought spring was coming, but the day after I took these pictures we received about 8 inches of lovely fluffy cold stuff!
Life has been pretty slow lately. I rearranged my "studio" (the room that I use as my closet/sewing space/ knitting area! Pictures to come soon. Or, perhaps a video reveal? ).
My husband is talking about buying a shed for our backyard so he can turn our storage room into a "perfect man cave" (since I took over half his man cave with womanly things.) I know not every couple is blessed to have their own space, but I know both of us having different places to go has drastically helped our marriage when we need time apart. I have a running joke with Mr. Adventure over the fact that we have two bathrooms--because I'm sure this tiny fact has saved our marriage more then once.
Other then that, I've read a few books. Mr. Adventure and I had a silly spiff and made up over drinks at Logan's Roadhouse. We also successfully attended the gym every other day last week. Also, all that swimming has given me an ear ache. Poor ear.

Life is pretty slow right now, and I'm definitely enjoying it.  Here's to spring--and a hopeful look towards turning Mr. Adventure's man cave into a nursery. Maybe.

How are you?


Rachel G said...

Snow for you, too? Man, the stuff is everywhere. Umm, those boots are awesome.

Susannah said...

I vote that snow becomes illegal in March. ;-)

Kelly del Valle said...

Man, what I wouldn't give for separate bathrooms. My fiance has this habit of taking his toothbrush and toothpaste to work with him. Brushing after lunch? GOOD. Leaving it all at work and then helping himself to mine? BAD. your outfit, especially the boots!

Carolynn said...

Maybe someone needs to own two toothbrushes! :P