Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outside Weather, Finally

Yes I'm wearing pigtails. It was warm and my hair wanted to do something other then hang down the back of my neck. I also seem to have indefinitely borrowed this shirt from my sister. I can't remember exactly how I came to own it, but I know she loaned it to me and so far I've hung onto it. For maybe six months now. Oops.

Well, I'm sure she won't really mind, because I've given her so many outfits over the the past few years! 

The only thing that's a bummer about this warm weather is that I still need to shave my legs. I really hate shaving my legs. Sigh.

I got this off-white cardigan at goodwill a long time ago. It claims to be made out of 10% rabbit hair. What I like about it is it's soft and has a lot of drape. Oh, and it was $4...also, last week I went shopping and bought some crazy pants that I'll be wearing next week. It broke my spending freeze, but it was worth it. I'll just start over next month. Yeah. Next month... 

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