Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clown Pants?

So last week I bought two new pairs of kinda crazy pants, a black and white pair and then a blue and white pair.

I really like these kind of "flowing" pants, but here is the thing. Do they look to much like pajamas? My husband says they look kind of like clothing a clown would wear...

Me? I'm still not sure if these scream "bedtime" or "fashion". Maybe they say both? Anyway, please let me know what you think, because husband and I have bet the movie choice this week on who gets the most votes. I really don't want to watch Trains, Planes and Automobiles again...

Pants: Rue 21
Sweater: Goodwill


  1. For me, I would say "bedtime" just because I don't wear flowy pants at any other time. But for you, and for the sake of your movie, I'd say "fashion". :)

  2. LOVE palazzo pants they are super comfy.

  3. these are so awesome! i have been wanting some like this for a while. i think i would wear them ALL THE TIME. (they don't look like pjs to me.)

  4. Bedtime x5. So Brian can pick the movie.

  5. Well... I have Thai pants (genie pants) and I wear them both out and for bed. My dad always asks me if I wear pjs in public when I use them in a fun outfit, but I've gotten stopped on the street and complimented on them before. Confidence totally makes it work. I say you guys compromise on the movie choice.

  6. Sorry Kitty-Ears: Totally bedtime. :)


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