Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Video Editing Adventure Story

I had a wonderful post full of fluff and bunnies and happy rainbows for you guys, but then...then this happened. So I decided log it in diary format for your amusement today.

  • Receive amazing new video camera from husband for birthday. Much feels.
February 1:
  • Film first video and start youtube channel. I just know I'm going to be famous! Yeah!
  • Realize 5-year old mac will not recognize snazzy HD video file
  • Try to download mac updates so I can use my amazing adobe CS 5 to edit videos.
  • My beautiful, amazing pristine Mac gives me the finger as I unsuccessfully try to doc my video files to the mothership drive.
  • Cry. 
  • Six hours later, subject self to Husband's PC and lame windows movie maker that does not let you edit your sound. Also, I can't windows 7. I think the feeling is mutual.
February 13th:
  • Windows movie maker is a terrible editing program. There has to be something better out there. 
  • Spend day googleing about video editors and reading reviews.
February 15th:
  • Download Movie Studio Platform trial. It's amazing. Except, when I export my videos, my audio runs at a different speed then my images, causing me to develop the amazing ability to project my voice into the future.
  • Cry.
  • Demand husband fix this problem. Now. Fix it now. Why can't you fix it?
  • Husband buys me ice cream.
  • I uninstall Movie Studio.
March 1:
  • Download Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 17 trial. Compile ideas for new videos and film them.
March 12:
  • IT WORKS GREAT OMG!! Successfully edit and upload two videos. Feels of utter relief permeate my person.
March 16:
  • Convince husband to shell out $80 to buy full system. Much flirting.
March 18:
  •  Make all the videos!
March 19:
  • Notice that when exporting my video sound is missing. Why is the sound missing? This did not happen with the trial...
March 20:
  • Export video 30 times. Sound is still missing in different parts every time I export. Feeling of dread creeping in.
March 23:
  • Contact customer support by e-mail. Is told that because my computer "technically" does not meet requirements, they cannot help me solve this problem.
    • "Intel Celeron technically is not meant for editing. Intel core 2 duo is the minimal requirements your processor  fall below intel core 2 duo. Here is the link for Studio 17 systems requirements" (actual quote)   WAHT?
  • After I calmed down, I called their customer service (in India) and demanded a refund. (Actually I timidly asked for a refund because I am shy and afraid of phone conversations)
  • But they gave me a refund. (or so I was told...after I promised to delete the product after refund processes. Of course I'll delete it. IT DOES NOT WORK!)
  • Feel slightly better.
March 25:
  • What am I going to use to edit now?!?!?!  (also where is my refund?!?!)
  • Downloaded free trial of something called " Camtasia Studios"
  • Camtasia does not recognize HD files.
  • Weep and eat chocolate.
  • Search for free video converter to convert my videos into different format.
  •  Fail utterly. Accidentally download a computer virus.
  • Cry.
  • Make husband find me a free video converter that does not want to place a watermark on my videos. (Got one here)
  • Convert all my recorded movies to MP4 files so that I can try out this new editor.
  • Converting videos takes three days.
March 27th:
  • Finally get to edit (again) the videos that I filmed an (entire) month ago.
  •  Have slight hope that perhaps this will work this time.
Yeah, that's been my video experience the past few moths. Suggestions are welcome. I hope this new editor works.  #firstworldproblems


Megan said...

have you tried using iMovie? I know you said the Mac was the start of the problems, but that's what I use and it works great from me.

Kristin said...

Ha. :) Last year I filmed a video (bookshelf tour), edited it, added music, etc. (I think I was using Windows Movie Maker?) I was so proud of it, and then when I went to watch it and upload it, there was no video at all. The music was perfect, but there was just a black screen with no video. I gave up...

Carolynn said...

Yeah, my mac has a very old version of Imovie and won't load my videos!

Rachel G said...

And that's why I don't vlog. Unless I can just vlog from my little webcam and shoot everything in one take and do no editing whatsoever...unless I can do that, I will stick to the written word. I'm so sorry. Technology is awesome except when it isn't.

Emorie Kidder said...

Crying for you. Especially since you're having to use a PC with windows 7. Ugh. I can laugh at the dudebro windows meme though because I was a frustrated PC user for years and years. I wish I could come over with mac right this second to help! Will iMovie not update for you anymore?