Friday, March 21, 2014

Meet Shannon from Dragons Curse

A blogger friend of mine recently sent me a copy of her newest novel, Dragons Curse.

Needless to say I loved it. I loved it so much I decided to attempt to cosplay as her main character, Shannon. (FYI, this blog post is spoiler free, so don't worry)

I like Shannon. When the novel opens, she is fresh out of academy, where she studied healing and herbs.

Now, Heidi (the author) does not really talk about what type of clothes her characters wear, so I just went with a kind of modern renaissance look. Heidi's book is not historical, but it does have kings and magic and castles, so I figured the dress would be pretty renaissance-y, but not totally from that time period, since its an non-earth world. 

In my mind Shannon would never wear a long dress, even if all the other women in her time period did. She's much to practical. She needs to run around and have free use of her legs and pick herbs, Wearing a long garment to walk around the woods all the time would muddy the hem. Shannon wouldn't stand for that. She'd wear a short dress just to avoid laundry, so she could spend more time practicing medicine and less time cleaning her hem.

Shannon also strikes me as the kind of girl who wouldn't bother with babbles, like rings or necklaces, so I didn't wear any. She's very independent minded, as well as studious and methodical. I fancy her spending all her time with plants and books and, well, no time at all on her hair. She's definitely the kinda girl who would let her hair air dry. Not because she's lazy, but just because the thought of spending time on her hair when she could go to the library would never occur to her. 

What do you think of Shannon? If you want actually meet her and spend a few hundred pages in her head, check out Heidi's book Dragon's Curse on amazon!
Shannon is a really fun girl, and her adventure is unique and entertaining. Also..need I tell you that there is a dragon? Well, there is, and maybe you'll get to meet him too.

Anyway, I enjoyed cosplaying as your character, Heidi! And I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I'm hooked!


Rachel G said...

Very cool! And strangely, I can relate to Shannon as far as spending time on hair--it just doesn't occur to me when there are so many more useful things to be done!

Tori Bragg said...

Love the outfit you're wearing! So cute and fun :) We need to get together and cosplay sometime! And the book sounds really neat. I'm adding it to my amazon list. Hopefully I'll have time to get it and read it soon :P

Heidi Lyn Burke said...

This is completely awesome! Yeah, Shannon is befuddled by her own hair. In book two she's just given up on skirts entirely and wears trousers. Thanks so much for reading Dragon's Curse. Dragon's Debt will be available in May.