Monday, October 14, 2013

Whimsical Day

So, in one of my previous fashion posts I dressed up like Deanna. For this post I'm going to attempt to dress up like Oh Whimsical Me!
I noticed that I own a similar dress to Emorie--through hers is a skirt! To compensate,  I just tucked the top part of my dress down, to turn my halter dress into a maxi skirt. Step two was to add a white shirt and a green cardigan, through mine is a different color green. Oh well. Yay, new outfit! Yay, fall!
Would you style these pieces differently? I've never worn all three of these things together this way. Thanks for the inspiration, Emorie! (Also, how pretty is the name Emorie? It just drips poetic syllables. I love it.)
delirious rhapsody

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