Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The first thing I hear when I wake up is usually Mr. Adventure closing the closet door after he grabs his towel from the hamper. This lets me know he is headed to the shower and it's time for me to get up and make him breakfast. Most of the time I cook up some eggs or toast him a bagel. 

After a kiss on the cheek he leaves with his scrambled egg wrap or bagel or whatever, and I sit down to read my e-mail and proof-read my blog post for the day. I'm such a terrible speller that usually I don't even catch many errors, but at least I make an attempt.
Then I try to convince myself to exercise. This can take 5 minuets to...never, sadly. I really feel motivated to exercise more when I look in the mirror and think about what I want out of life, but when it comes time to turn on the DVD and get to work, I am seriously lacking.

After this I shower and eat my own breakfast, and get to work on knitting, sewing, completing etsy things, and/or blog-post-writing until lunch. At lunch I take a break to check comments on my blog and read my favorite blogs. Then I usually do some chores around the house while listening to the radio or to the Bible.

Eventually the day just gets away from me. Sometimes I've created things, and sometimes I haven't. Sometimes I buy groceries and make it to the post office and take out the smelly trash or pick up my husbands socks and wash his dirty clothes or hang my own up where they belong in the closet or even visit a friend.

And I love my life. I really do. But I still struggle with getting my priorities straight. I'm selfish. I'm me-orientated.

It's usually halfway through the day that I realize I haven't even thought about God, much less cracked open my bible. I'll do it later, I think, because my hands are full of yarn or food or underwear that needs folding or there is a text to answer or a friend to go downtown with or a menu to plan.

And sometimes I do get to hastily flip through some pages and pray. I try to be sincere about it, but often my heart is not in the right place, or even in the right state of mind. I'm distracted by my to-do list. By my wants and my desires and the desires of my husband. By shiny things at Target.

I want to get my priorities straight. I am praying that God will give me a longing for his word and for a quiet time with Him, to learn and grow and become more like Him, and a heart to help others before myself.

And that is what I learned today.
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