Friday, October 18, 2013


I'd thought I'd show you some before/after pictures using Photoshop! I usually only very lightly edit my pictures, but this time went all out. So, which ones do you like better?

I was going for a really romantic, dusky feeling when editing. Here are the raw photos before I applied Photoshop magic:

I think I like Photoshop, and that it is a fun tool to liven up your pictures, as long as you don't go crazy...and by all crazy, I mean, blur your skin to porcelain or otherwise try and portray yourself as perfect. Love the skin you are in!
delirious rhapsody


  1. I've never used photoshop before, but I use picasa to help a little bit with lighting and color. I think even with these photos it's more of a subtle, natural difference...and actually I think the colors in both versions are really pretty!

  2. i've never used photoshop before. i use picmonkey, but i rarely do anything other than crop or resize my photos.

    you know what i do love? that sweater!!

  3. I am not smart enough to use PS. I suck at it.

    You look adorable in that sweater- it's such a pretty color and I love anything that looks like lace, especially open knit sweaters!

  4. The photos look beautiful both ways but I do like your edits. It definitely changes the ambiance to be more ethereal. Beautiful photos as usual! I've loved seeing your outfits every day!

  5. I like both sets of pictures! Photoshop is such a great tool and I use it occasionally, but usually I am too lazy to edit photos, ha!

    That sweater is amazing...I love the color and it looks so cozy!

  6. I love editing pictures! It is so much fun. I wish I had more time to play with mine.

  7. I like the edited photos better! I did use photoshop before and love it! I just miss it since I don't have a new version. I use a bunch of free online editing tools. That sweater looks crazy comfy.

  8. It is! Sometimes I live in it :P

  9. Love what you did to the pictures they look super cute.


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